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Hobby League Report by digitaljdawg
May 13, 2008, 9:21 pm
Filed under: Hobby League, vs.system

Sorry for late transmission, this is Agent 13 reporting in. Last week at our hobby league  we were running a Modern Age bring your own set. It was a pretty good turn out of about ten players all bringing some tough competition to the table. I have played vs for the past two years only going to a few different vs event  mostly just playing with friends at the kitchen table until this past month where I have joined the Hobby League. Well this week was my chance to shine. I was playing my Mr. Fantastic/Dr Strange Abuse deck that I put together.(Sorry I don’t have complete details on how each round went)

Round 1 The Gotham ladies 1-0

Round 2 Marvel Knights KO Fest 2-0

Round 3 Revenge Squad front row 2-1

Round 4   Birds of prey Concealed (against agent 44) 3-1

Round 5 World’s Finest 3-2

So i ended 4th place I was very stoked I have never placed before it was a career high for me. I will post my deck list tomorrow

Agent 13 signing off.


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