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Sorry I’m late! by Agent 44
May 16, 2008, 12:31 pm
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Oh…pheewww! Sorry I’m late boss! I swear it won’t happen again…ever…oh man…

Hello. This is Agent 44 reporting in. Sorry it’s taken a little bit of time but I just graduated from the S.H.I.E.L.D. academy so that’s been taking up a little bit of my time. But I’m done now and ready to contribute to the newly created Blog division. So a little bit about me: you already know that I’m a young, perpetually late, recent academy grad but what else…lets see we’re based out of a Brea/Placentia/Fullerton gaming store called the Realms Games and Comics. If you’re in the neighborhood swing by and pick up an issue of Tiny Titans or something to help keep these fine establishments running. Anyways I love comic books and that is a major reason why I LOVE VS! I haven’t been keeping up with the comics lately but I’m trying to get back in the swing of things (much to the dismay of little miss Agent 44 who is getting a little tired of all these money draining hobbies of mine). But anyways about Vs. system.

I learned the game with my counterpart Agent 13 at Gencon LA almost two years ago now. This was right about the time that Heralds of Galactus had been released and we decided to start our Vs. experience with a Heralds 4-man draft. *NOTE* to all players: DO NOT START YOUR VS. EXPERIENCE WITH ANY TYPE OF DRAFT! Needless to say my deck packed a lot of 5 drops and lost a lot. But I was hooked nonetheless. I bought all the cards I could afford and trained all of my card game attributed friends. I have to say I completely geeked out when I team attacked with Batman and Robin and then threw up a Dynamic Duo from the resource row. Amazing! Anyways this shows my leaning when constructing decks. Because of my somewhat accurate comic knowledge I like to build decks with strong themes be they comic or otherwise.

Now for the competitive player I’m sure you can guess what my record has been over my two years of playing. The best I’ve ever done was 5-5 at the LA Mega Weekend with a Hellboy/Gotham Knights deck of my own design. Sure I’d like to make the ultimate domination deck as well as the next guy but that deck is going to have to be thematic in some way…and it has to be a “good guys” team. That’s my other quirk. I only like playing with the good guys. I think this stems from my parents not letting me play with my black Magic cards in the first card game I learned. I guess they didn’t like zombies and dark rituals but it left an impression and I’ve been a good guy player in every game I’ve played ever since. So enough about me. How about a tournament report?

Just this past Thursday our hobby league’s format for the evening was bring your own set (BYOS for Billy Zonos) un-silver which meant any set before the X-Men expansion. After some debate I decided to try a Green Lantern rush deck. It sounds weird but I thought I had a shot. After throwing the deck together and testing it against myself a few times I found that I could hit hard quickly but didn’t quite have the juice to finish. Unfortunately I ran out of time and ran the deck. Big mistake! My earlier tests had been accurate and even though I hit quickly in nearly every game I still lost every one. Ouch! Oh well still love the game just don’t particularly like that deck too much…anyways well done to “the brave and the blog”s Josh (Marvel Knights/Crimelords), “Tier 2 tutor”s Omar (Good Guys), Ludin Romero (Fantastic Four), Chewie (Avengers Reservist) and Billy Zonos (mister I don’t have a deck for the format so I’ll just play my killer Fearsome Five jank combo deck and wreck everyone). Anyways I had a great time despite my losses and I look forward to next week.

At first I thought next weeks format would be super theme deck night but apparently it has become more restrictive. Darn, now my Teen Titans TV show deck isn’t legal. Well now that I’m done with school I’ve got the time to play around with the format. Look out Hobby League! Here I come!

Whew…I needed to get that out. Ok so Thanks for reading and keep up the Vs-ness. Agent 44 out.


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Erick at EW is actually running the coolest format ever.


Golden Age Bring Your Own TEAM(!?) This is going to be totally awesome.

Comment by TheBraveandtheBlog

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