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Excitement by Agent 44
May 20, 2008, 11:54 am
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Agent 44 here checking back in with some new updates.  There are some exciting VS. events in the near future and I must say that I’m pretty stoked. First up:  Hobby League.

Our super flavor format seems to be a pretty awesome idea since our local big time venue Edgeworld is running something similar on Friday.  This should give the Realm crew some time to fine tune our decks.  As of right now I’ve constructed two decks that are legal for both formats and very consistent.  I’m just not sure how powerful they will be.  I’ve found that having a win condition is usually my deck building weakness.  I spend lots of time figuring out the numbers of team-ups and searchers I need for consistency but then I usually end up with a deck that curves perfectly to 6, 7 or 8 but doesn’t really do anything spectacular.  Hopefully this week shall be different. Some practice all day today and we’ll see how I do.  Good luck to all playing both tomorrow and Friday and if by some amazing chance you are reading this and don’t know what VS. is all about then come on down to the Realms Games and Comics tomorrow for a free demonstration and I’ll even give you your first deck for free.  You can’t beat that!  See you soon.

44 out.


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