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Another awesome showing from the Realms Crew by Agent 44
May 28, 2008, 1:08 pm
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Hello there. Agent 44 here with another update for anybody out here in cyberspace wanting to hear about a little VS.

So the Realms hosted its weekly hobby league with our very own “super flavor format” this past Wednesday. I had a great time playing with my pet deck which is the Teen Titans TV show deck. The idea is to only use characters that have appeared in the cartoon and to this extent I have been pretty successful. For both our tournament at the Realms and Edgeworld’s BYOT (Bring Your Own Team) event my character base remained relatively the same. With a curve of Speedy @ 1, Robin/Terra @ 2, Beast Boy/Cyborg @ 3, Terra @ 4, Garth @ 5, Beast Boy @ 6, Starfire @ 7 and Raven @ 8 I was having a lot of fun. The Realms format allowed cards from only two sets so DC Origins and Legends did the trick for me. I was fairly confident in my deck even without the use of the handy dandy First Date but luck was not on my side. I finished out of the money again but at least I had fun playing with my favorite team.

After my failure on Wednesday I decided to tweak my deck ever so slightly. With the Edgeworld format being Golden Age I could use any Teen Titan card created which was great for me. So Josh, Omar and I met up at Realms to fine tune our decks for the evening. Josh’s original build of the New Gods left quite a bit to be desired so he tried to build something a little more aggressive. I challenged Omar and found that my few tweaks allowed me to mill through huge quantities of my deck with Lorena Marquez and the USS Argus digging and Solar Towers and Terra 4 replacing said Argusses. This is when we found that Omar’s Darkseid deck was no where near legal so in a half hour we threw together a Gotham Knights build that I had been messing around with earlier. It ended up working well for Omar who ended the tourney in 4th with a shiny new clash of worlds to show for it. A 3-2 record (with a bye) by yours truly netted me a slightly less impressive 5th and a Superman/Batman Robot to complete my play set. Oh and Josh finished somewhere near the bottom but that’s ok since the prophecy was fulfilled at least once. All in all a fun night for everyone and I even learned Marvel Ultimate Battles because Mr. Pro Player Omar made Top 4 so we had to wait around for him for hours GOSH! Anyways MUB is not VS but it can be fun and the art is pretty sweet (even the ones stolen from VS cards).

So on to this week where our format at the realms is Silver Legends. I bet you can guess what team I gonna play…yep the Titans. We’ll see if Beast Boy can step up to the challenge. And Friday is the big marquee event at Edgeworld for the super nifty Batman t-shirt. I’ve been dreaming about that little piece of nerdy cloth-like heaven ever since I laid eyes on it so I think I’ll be playing some deck that can win on 4. Hopefully that nets me my highest finish ever. Hopefully….


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Yes, the prophecy WAS fulfilled, and that’s all that mattered.

Comment by TheBraveandtheBlog

But still, it was kind of cool that we totally represented the Realms right. And with luck, we’ll do it again tomorrow.

Comment by tudor5

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