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Report! And upcoming excitingness! by Agent 44
May 30, 2008, 1:18 am
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Hey kids Agent 44 here with a post Hobby League update. Oh and by the way, we were mentioned on the mothership so if you are one of our new legion of fans then welcome. I hope I don’t disappoint…on to the action!

Well we only had 5 players but fun was had nonetheless. Unfortunately we whiffed on ordering prize support this month so the action was all for fun and bragging rights. I started by playing Chris (I think) who forgot to read the memo and brought a golden age legend to our silver legend tournament. But have no fear Beast Boy was up to the challenge! I have beaten Chris and this deck before thanks to one young Tamaranian lady and she did the trick again. With Chris stalling out with numerous Spidermen on the board thanks to a constantly revealed Scarlet Spider my alien princess made it to recovery and stunned his board. Yes!! 1-0 for Beast Boy!

My excitement was not very long lived as I faced Ludin next. He was running an amazing Spiderman/Wolverine legend deck that absolutely destroyed me on both initiatives. We played twice and all I remember is that the wrath of Darkhawk is strong. Oh yeah and be scared when there is an unstunnable Wolverine(the 6-drop from Marvel Team-Up that can’t be stunned while you control Spiderman) with Admantium claws and lots of Berserker Rage. Vicious!

Next up was fellow Realm crew team member Josh from The Brave and the Blog. His Lex Luthor legend was pretty sweet. The premise is basically Injustice Gang hand burn and worked surprisingly well. I had never played a deck like that before and was eager try. After splitting our two games I would really rather not have to play that deck again. The amount of burn possible is crazy and the Joker kept all my plot twists in my hand too. Nicely done Josh! Oh and a big shout out to little miss Agent 44 who provided the amazing scotch-a-roos that gave all of us a sugar overdose! So as the night wound down we talked a little strategy for Edgeworld’s marquee event Friday. Here’s what I came up with:

I’m going cheap folks. That’s right…I’m using the Teen Supremes and Superman/Batman robot combo that Rallying Cry put up on the mothership for everyone to see. I was hoping that not too many people would read the Deranged Bears post but it’s too late now. I am using a slightly different build however. I’m not running Tanya or the Fate suit. In their place I added Combat Reflexes, Home Surgery and some JLA for Battle Tactics (or Training or whatever). Pretty much any draw from that deck can win on turn 5; a good draw on turn 4; and a superhuman God draw on 3 and this is with either initiative. So now you know what I’ll be playing tomorrow. Hopefully I don’t get crushed in all the mirror matches I’m gonna face now that you know my secret plans! Oh and I realize that the combo is super cheap and not thematic but boy do I want that t-shirt even if it’s too big for me to wear out fashionably.

Well that’s all for now fanboys and girls. Thanks for reading and good luck in whatever event you play in next (unless you’re playing against me!!!).

P.S.: I can’t seem to work the picture thingy majigger on this website. This probably has something to do with me being computer illiterate. Hopefully Agent 13 can help me out in the future…


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Be wary my friend. My deck might just be enough to slow you all down, bwahahaha. I’ll show you want I think might work tomorrow before the tourney.

Comment by tudor5

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