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Calling in the Rally. by digitaljdawg
June 23, 2008, 4:33 pm
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Agent 13 reporting in after a long over due break. Well Marvel Universe is out and kicking. Due to the over demand and under supplies of the new set the agency was only able to get there hands on 2 boxes for myself. With the frustration of having such a larger set being released and not even being able to get play sets of commons and uncommon there was some disappointment on the game. But after some thoughts I decided to pick myself up and realize I will never be a tier 1 competitor but as long as I enjoy playing the game even if I don’t get that man wins as long as I am having fun sitting down with my friends enjoying this game. I sat down and looked at what I could build and enjoy playing and decided to build an Avengers reservist’s deck based around the new key word Rally. “To rally for a [description] card, reveal the top card of your deck and put it in your hand if it matches that [description]. otherwise put it on the bottom of your deck.” This keyword works really well cycling through your deck for those reservist characters to fill your resource row. UDE didn’t not really give us any amazing searchers in this set like the famous Mobilize or Enemy of my Enemy. So Rally is the way to get cards moving through your deck.


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I love Rally. I think it’s the best new Keyword (or whatever it is) we’ve had in ages.

Omar and I have a zillion cards. I know we’re more than willing to help you flesh out your Avengers deck if we’re able to.

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