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Sorry for the lack of content by Agent 44
August 4, 2008, 1:31 am
Filed under: Hobby League, vs.system

Hey there everyone.  Agent 13 here seeing if anyone is still surfing this part of the internet.  Sorry we’ve been away so long.  I know Agent 13 has been transferred to a new department so even though he’ll still be writing for the Blog division his posts may be few and far between.  So I’m sure you are all wondering what’s new in our neck of the woods.  Lets see…

All of the Realms crew has been having one heck of a time playing with all the different builds of Marvel Universe stuff.  Josh has thrown together a Crime Lords/Red Skull legend, T-Bolts Rad Man abuse, and an Illuminati build while Omar has one shifty SHIELD deck that he has tried a million different tricks with.  Ludin got into the mix throwing dwon a fun Negative Zone build that I still want to play against.  That leaves the good guys to Agent 13 and I.  My Alpha Flight/Gotham Knights build has already been posted on here and has enjoyed decent success with a few tweaks (it’s apparently powerful since quite a few others have posted similar deck ideas but we all know I built it first!) Anyways I then tried a Secret Avengers build but since that was Agent 13’s deck of choice I loaned him the cards he needed and decided to go a different route.  Being the DC fan that I am and an even bigger Teen Titans fan I decided to throw the Titans together with the Young Avengers for some team attacking awesomeness.  With a little help from Omar the deck works out pretty well.

Unfortunately I must retire for the evening but I thought I would provide all of our numerous readers an update.  This way at least you know that we’re not dead…More stuff maybe even deck lists to come.  And if you’re in the area we’d love you to come down to The Realms in Brea for Hobby League Wednesday at 5.  The format is Bring Your Own Team and if you don’t have a deck someone will have one for you.  Keep on keeping on everybody. Goodnight!


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