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I think I’m a clone now! by Agent 44
September 24, 2008, 3:01 am
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Welcome back to the Blog Division.  Agent 44 here giving you my look at the newest organized play format for our beloved card addiction.  Turns out the geniuses (and I use that term loosely) at UDE decided that uniqueness was outdated and turned all us crazy card flippers loose.  Now to curb one train of thought that I have already dealt with this lack of uniqueness only applies to characters so you can’t flip up two of the new Doomstadt’s and expect every one of your non-unique Dooms to get +6 ATK.  This one hurdle passed there are many characters in the silver age capable of abusing this format.  The aforementioned Doom jumps to mind but also Spidey, the Fantastic Five or more, Captain America, Supes and Bats, and I don’t even want to think about Wolverine.  On the bad guy side of things you have Darkseid, Quiksilver and I’m sure there are  more but I don’t use the evil guys so…anyways here’s what I came up with:

My original plan as hinted at in the previous post was to run an Outsiders/Titans build someone somewhere affectionately labeled Emo Kids.  The deck was a blast to play, spamming out upwards of three characters a turn and not letting the opponent recover anyone.  The only complicated thing was that with so many one and two drops you had to be careful not to recruit someone you already had out.  Obviously clone saga rules would help out in this respect.  I was all set to play this deck when I remembered that our good friend from Tier 2 Tutor, Omar was going to play a Torch and Thing deck and I didn’t want all my weenies being burned to a crisp.  I realize having this unfair advantage may not be the most sporting in nature but I’d like to win every once in a while so I moved on.  My next build centered around my favorite hero of all time: Christian Bale…I mean Batman!    With a bit of support I could drop Bats at 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8  with lots of negation and other good stuff.  Unfortunately this deck suffered from a problem I frequently deal with: although my deck was consistent and effective, it had no real win condition.  Just dropping a bigger character wasn’t always enough to win especially if the opponent had something bigger so I went back to the drawing board.  As unimaginative as I am I decided to use that same skeleton from my last decklist post and run with it.  I present Cloned Super Bat He-B!tches (the name could use a little work but I didn’t want to just call it World’s Finest):



3x Tim Drake^Robin, Titan in Command

3x Krypto, Earth’s Best Friend

4x Barbara Gordon^Oracle, Hacker Elite

1x Batman, Problem Solver

3x Superman, Last Son of Krypton

2x Batman, Twilight Vigilante

1x Superman, Metropolis Marvel

1x Wonder Woman, Deflection Diva

1x Superman, Man of Tomorrow

1x Kate Kane^Batwoman, Katherine the Younger

1x Pyrogen, Supermen of America

2x Batman, Cape and Cowl

1x Barbara Gordon^Oracle, Inside Information

1x Kara Zor-El^Supergirl, Female Fury

1x Batman, Dark Knight Returned

1x Superman, Bulletproof

2x Superman/Batman Robot, Supa-Mecha-Bat


Plot Twists


4x The Hook-Up, Team-Up

4x Impervious

4x Bat Got Your Tongue?

4x Bat-Signal

4x Flying High

3x Have a Blast!

1x Uncertain Legacy

1x For the Man Who Has Everything

1x Heroes of Two Worlds

1x At Their Finest

1x From the Darkness

1x Mobilize




2x City of Tomorrow, Team-Up

There you go!  Thats the list I will be playing tomorrow at our local Hobby League.  Despite my own lack of creativity I think it will do well.  I realize that for those who I have played frequently this deck will not be too much of a stretch from what I usually play but I think it may still surprise.  As far as playing the deck goes I don’t think World’s Finest needs much instruction but my deck is a bit different.  I’ve found that the 5 drop is usually my toolbox spot.  Assuming I haven’t lost yet I can usually tell what my opponent is playing and then get the character that best addresses the situation.  Probably my favorite play is throwing out the Super/Bat Robot as a 10/10 invulnerable beatstick.  Good times! 

Well thats all for tonight everyone.  Good luck in the Clone Wars (HAHA bad Star Wars reference)!  Keep on keeping on and hopefully you’ll read me soon.

P.S.:  To anyone reading this (all 3 of you) I could use a little assistance figuring out how to put pretty pictures all over my work.  Thanks for the help!!


Calling in the Rally. by digitaljdawg
June 23, 2008, 4:33 pm
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Agent 13 reporting in after a long over due break. Well Marvel Universe is out and kicking. Due to the over demand and under supplies of the new set the agency was only able to get there hands on 2 boxes for myself. With the frustration of having such a larger set being released and not even being able to get play sets of commons and uncommon there was some disappointment on the game. But after some thoughts I decided to pick myself up and realize I will never be a tier 1 competitor but as long as I enjoy playing the game even if I don’t get that man wins as long as I am having fun sitting down with my friends enjoying this game. I sat down and looked at what I could build and enjoy playing and decided to build an Avengers reservist’s deck based around the new key word Rally. “To rally for a [description] card, reveal the top card of your deck and put it in your hand if it matches that [description]. otherwise put it on the bottom of your deck.” This keyword works really well cycling through your deck for those reservist characters to fill your resource row. UDE didn’t not really give us any amazing searchers in this set like the famous Mobilize or Enemy of my Enemy. So Rally is the way to get cards moving through your deck.

We’re still alive! by Agent 44
June 20, 2008, 6:39 pm
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Hello children! Sorry we’ve been gone so long. Man is Marvel Universe awesome or what?! I just can’t get enough of this amazing new set. So after Agent 13 and I cracked all of our packs I threw together a…wait for it…Warbound deck. I realize that pretty much everyone who has seen Hulk wants to build a deck around his awesomeness but we decided to throw one together before all the shenanigans about Hulk began. Well after throwing something together to playtest with the Warbound proceeded to demolish every deck that Agent 13 and I had. What?! It is just ridiculously powerful. Here is a play-by-play of its first match against a BYOT (bring your own team) X-Men deck:

Ok…I win the die roll and choose odds. 13 and I keep our opening hands and draw two. I lay a resource and pass as does 13. Awesome.

me=50 Agent 13=50

Turn 2: 13 lays a resource and sadly passes again. I lay a resource and play the attack happy Miek. With an empty board across the way Miek punches 13 for 4.

me=50 Agent 13=46

Turn 3: I recruit the massive 3 drop Hulk discarding another Hulk 3 drop and 13 recruits a nearly as large Wolverine. Hulk attacks Wolvie with “Now I’m Fighting Dirty” to prevent the stun back and it works. 13 takes 2 breahthrough, 3 stun and 4 additional to the dome from Miek.

me=50 Agent 13=37

Turn 4: 13 Recruits Emma Frost discarding 2 drop Jean Grey. On my build I flip up the Great Arena exhausting my Hulk and his Wolvie and we both take 3 damage in the process. Then I recruit Hulk 4. 13 attempts to attack Hulk with Emma but I play “The STrongest One There Is” stunning my Hulk and KO’ing his Emma.

me=43 Agent 13=34

Turn 5: I top deck Mobilize. Use the Great Arena to lock down his Wolverine exhausting my soon to be replaced 4 drop hulk and we both take 4 because of it. I Mobilize for 5 drop Hulk, playing him with the boost to stun Wolverine and 13 takes 3 more. 13 recruits Psylocke, places her behind the stunned Wolverine and then plays a “Children of the Atom” to recover his Wolverine. After some deliberation I send Miek in to get beat up by Wolverine and then remove him from the game to make Hulk always cause breakthrough. I then send Hulk into Wolverine. 13 activates Psylocke making my Hulk vulnerable so I play a “Righteous Anger” to try again. The second attack is bricked by a timely “Turnabout” and “Duck and Cover”. Wow Wolverine is a dude!

me=32 Agent 13=27

Turn 6: With it being 13’s initiative I was kinda worried about his 3 characters to my one but when he under dropped Iceman I knew the game was mine. I Great Arena’d his Psylocke, smacking us both for five and then played Hulk 6 drop with the boost to make him an 18/18. 13 had no way to stun my ginormous Hulk with just Wolverine and his 4 drop Iceman and when I showed him another Righteous Anger in my hand he scooped.

Crazy huh? And that was a deck we just threw together in about 15 minutes. The power level is insane.

So I decided to take it to our local hobby league this past Wednesday to see how it would do. After a couple of trades netting me playsets of both Righteous Anger and Trouble with Dinosaurs the deck was set and continued to dominate. It lost its very first game to a mirror match against Mr. “I’m-all-Noobish” himself who simply had more Hulk Smashes than I did. In our two subsequent rematches my Great Arena locked down his Hulks and I won both. Then the Green King lost to our good friend from tier2tutor Omar and an awesome Shield build. Man that match made me regret trading him 2 Nick Fury’s. And after defeating a pretty awesome Kree deck the Sakaar’son lost to The Brave and the Blog’s Josh and one heck of a Red Skull deck. Those sneaky Crime Lords squeaked out a victory but I can’t wait for the rematch. Luckily I will get to find out soon since Josh, Omar and I will be meeting tonight before attending the “official” release event for Marvel Universe at Edgeworld in Costa Mesa. Currently the Warbound have won 10 games and lost 3. Far and away the best start of any deck I have ever made with or without net decking. Pretty stoked! Continue reading

The Fantastic Strange deck by digitaljdawg
May 16, 2008, 11:07 am
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Well here is the deck list I played last week at HL. Feel free to let my know what you think and if you have any imput on the deck improvement.

2 drop

4x Mr.Fantastic- Stringbean

3 drop

4x Thing- Idol o’millions

2x Invisible Woman-First Lady of the The Fantastic Four

4 drop

4x Mr. Fantastic- Critical Thinker

2x Human Torch Nova Blast

5 drop

4x Franklin Richards- Child of Cosmos

2x Thing- Heavy Hitter

6 drop

4x Dr. Strange- Ally of the Four

7 drop

2x Hulk- The Fantastic Hulk

2x Thing- The Ever-Lovin’ Blue-Eyed Thing

8 drop

1x Silver Surfer- Norrin Radd

Plot Twist

4x Burn Rubber, 4x It’s Clobberin’ Time, 4x Reed and Sue, 4x Torch and Thing, 4x Signal Flare, 3x Stretch Out, 3x Savage Beatdown, 2x Family of Four,  1x Mobilize.

The man concept is to beatdown on initiative and stall on off initiative. I abuse Dr. Strange ability with  Mr. Fantastic to cycle through my deck and gain some extra endurance with Franklin. Then on turn 8 I bring out the Surfer who usually makes alot of people mad.