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Update: We’re still alive! by Agent 44
September 22, 2008, 2:29 am
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Hey kids sorry we haven’t posted in so long.  This is Agent 44 coming to you from S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters letting you all know that we’re still alive and kicking.  In fact we have all kinds of vs. knowledge to pass on but most of it stems from me losing.  Either way welcome back to the Blog Division.

            So a little Hobby League update for those interested.  We recently held our tri-city championship for the Brea/Placentia/Fullerton area.  For whatever reason we decided to run the championship as Silver Age even though none of the paper work said to do so.  Anyways on to the participants.  Being the current champion at the time I showed up with a build I am very familiar with and is very solid.  The Brave and the Blog’s Josh has dubbed it the “World’s Finest Ladies” but I prefer the much more vulgar “Super Bat B!tches!”  More on that later…my four challengers included the aforementioned Josh running an Alpha Flight destroying Thunderbolts/Radioactive Man abuse deck; Tier 2 Tutor’s Omar and an infuriating SHIELD burn deck; the Blog divisions Agent 13’s little brother Matt and a surprisingly consistent Fatal Five Future Foes build; and the infamous Pat Yapjoco who always dominates with some janky combination. And thus the tournament began:

            My first game was against Omar and the SHIELD burn craziness.  I curved near perfectly but I had no hidden hate to stop the 3-drop Wolverine from pounding me in the face turn after turn.  Wolvie combined with the burn of the Agents was too much for my ladies to handle. 0-1

            Next up was Agent 13’s little brother Matt.  Matt and his decks have a disturbing tendency to fail in tournament play but not today.  His Fatal Five baddies succeeded in slamming my face even though we made it to 8.  Not a good start.  0-2

            I was hoping to turn my luck around going into game 3 but facing Pat is always tough.  You could take 60 random cards from your collection, give them to Pat and he’d still beat your constructed decks at least 6 times out of 10.  Either way his constructed deck was devastating and the game was a blur.  I managed to stall till 9 but failed to find Superman for my finisher and Galactus gobbled up all my endurance.  Bummer. 0-3

            Last game of the night.  Here I was the former city champion without a single win and I was facing an always tough opponent in Josh and Radioactive Man.  Sadly for Josh Rad Man stayed hidden in his deck and a timely “Flying High” sealed my only win for me.  A rough tournament to say the least but congrats to all of you who pounded my face into the turf.  It’s too bad I can’t use my city champs playmat anymore.  Now I’m sure all of you want a deck list for my under-performing creation so here you go:


World’s Finest Ladies (or Super Bat B!tches)


4x Maggie Sawyer

4x Huntress, Vicious Vigilante

3x Catwoman, Feline Fatale

2x Natasha Irons ^ Steel, Unlikely Alloy

1x Huntress, Harsh Mistress

4x Power Girl ^Nightwing, Kandorian Vigilante

4x Kara Zor-El^Flamebird, Kandorian Vigilante

4x Dinah Laurel Lance, Cry in the Dark

3x Lady Shiva, Jade Canary

2x Batman, Dark Knight Returned

1x Superman, Bulletproof


4x Future Friends

4x Soaring to New Heights

4x Bat-Signal

4x Impervious

4x No Retreat, No Surrender

4x The Hook-Up

1x For the Man Who Has Everything


3x City of Tomorrow


This is the basic skeleton of the deck I used.  I originally created it for my girlfriend who wanted to play with a “girly” deck.  With the World’s Finest set being my favorite I figured I could easily through this concoction together.  The deck is not too complicated making it great for beginners but is still powerful enough to win a few games.  There are also many cards that can be switched out to make the deck more competitive and complex.  For the city champs I took out the “Future Friends” and “Soaring…” and put in 4 “Bat Got Your Tongues”, 2 “Have a Blasts”, and 2 “Flying Highs.”  These additions were simple and effective despite my losses.  Either way I hope this deck gives you some ideas when trying to throw a little theme into your deck building time.

               Either way, thanks for reading and good luck in all the tournaments unless of course you’re playing me.  Coming up soon:  my quest to find my best clone saga build.  Here’s a hint: (hopefully)



Sorry for the lack of content by Agent 44
August 4, 2008, 1:31 am
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Hey there everyone.  Agent 13 here seeing if anyone is still surfing this part of the internet.  Sorry we’ve been away so long.  I know Agent 13 has been transferred to a new department so even though he’ll still be writing for the Blog division his posts may be few and far between.  So I’m sure you are all wondering what’s new in our neck of the woods.  Lets see…

All of the Realms crew has been having one heck of a time playing with all the different builds of Marvel Universe stuff.  Josh has thrown together a Crime Lords/Red Skull legend, T-Bolts Rad Man abuse, and an Illuminati build while Omar has one shifty SHIELD deck that he has tried a million different tricks with.  Ludin got into the mix throwing dwon a fun Negative Zone build that I still want to play against.  That leaves the good guys to Agent 13 and I.  My Alpha Flight/Gotham Knights build has already been posted on here and has enjoyed decent success with a few tweaks (it’s apparently powerful since quite a few others have posted similar deck ideas but we all know I built it first!) Anyways I then tried a Secret Avengers build but since that was Agent 13’s deck of choice I loaned him the cards he needed and decided to go a different route.  Being the DC fan that I am and an even bigger Teen Titans fan I decided to throw the Titans together with the Young Avengers for some team attacking awesomeness.  With a little help from Omar the deck works out pretty well.

Unfortunately I must retire for the evening but I thought I would provide all of our numerous readers an update.  This way at least you know that we’re not dead…More stuff maybe even deck lists to come.  And if you’re in the area we’d love you to come down to The Realms in Brea for Hobby League Wednesday at 5.  The format is Bring Your Own Team and if you don’t have a deck someone will have one for you.  Keep on keeping on everybody. Goodnight!

Sorry by Agent 44
June 9, 2008, 1:07 pm
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Hey kids Agent 44 here.  Sorry for the lull in posting but its been a busy time around here.  Little miss Agent 44 is moving so that’s taking up some time AND more importantly I picked up 4 boxes of MUN on Saturday that I’m slowly opening.  So stoked right now! Any ways Agent 13 (who S.H.I.E.L.D. somehow messed up and gave some good-looking girl that number to also) is heading over to my war-room this evening to see if we can make some decently competitive decks out of the new stuff so we’ll get back to you on that.  So until I get some more free time good luck with your packs and I hope you don’t have any “trouble with dinosaurs”!!!!   AHAHAHAHAHA!

Report! And upcoming excitingness! by Agent 44
May 30, 2008, 1:18 am
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Hey kids Agent 44 here with a post Hobby League update. Oh and by the way, we were mentioned on the mothership so if you are one of our new legion of fans then welcome. I hope I don’t disappoint…on to the action!

Well we only had 5 players but fun was had nonetheless. Unfortunately we whiffed on ordering prize support this month so the action was all for fun and bragging rights. I started by playing Chris (I think) who forgot to read the memo and brought a golden age legend to our silver legend tournament. But have no fear Beast Boy was up to the challenge! I have beaten Chris and this deck before thanks to one young Tamaranian lady and she did the trick again. With Chris stalling out with numerous Spidermen on the board thanks to a constantly revealed Scarlet Spider my alien princess made it to recovery and stunned his board. Yes!! 1-0 for Beast Boy!

My excitement was not very long lived as I faced Ludin next. He was running an amazing Spiderman/Wolverine legend deck that absolutely destroyed me on both initiatives. We played twice and all I remember is that the wrath of Darkhawk is strong. Oh yeah and be scared when there is an unstunnable Wolverine(the 6-drop from Marvel Team-Up that can’t be stunned while you control Spiderman) with Admantium claws and lots of Berserker Rage. Vicious!

Next up was fellow Realm crew team member Josh from The Brave and the Blog. His Lex Luthor legend was pretty sweet. The premise is basically Injustice Gang hand burn and worked surprisingly well. I had never played a deck like that before and was eager try. After splitting our two games I would really rather not have to play that deck again. The amount of burn possible is crazy and the Joker kept all my plot twists in my hand too. Nicely done Josh! Oh and a big shout out to little miss Agent 44 who provided the amazing scotch-a-roos that gave all of us a sugar overdose! So as the night wound down we talked a little strategy for Edgeworld’s marquee event Friday. Here’s what I came up with: Continue reading

Another awesome showing from the Realms Crew by Agent 44
May 28, 2008, 1:08 pm
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Hello there. Agent 44 here with another update for anybody out here in cyberspace wanting to hear about a little VS.

So the Realms hosted its weekly hobby league with our very own “super flavor format” this past Wednesday. I had a great time playing with my pet deck which is the Teen Titans TV show deck. The idea is to only use characters that have appeared in the cartoon and to this extent I have been pretty successful. For both our tournament at the Realms and Edgeworld’s BYOT (Bring Your Own Team) event my character base remained relatively the same. With a curve of Speedy @ 1, Robin/Terra @ 2, Beast Boy/Cyborg @ 3, Terra @ 4, Garth @ 5, Beast Boy @ 6, Starfire @ 7 and Raven @ 8 I was having a lot of fun. The Realms format allowed cards from only two sets so DC Origins and Legends did the trick for me. I was fairly confident in my deck even without the use of the handy dandy First Date but luck was not on my side. I finished out of the money again but at least I had fun playing with my favorite team. Continue reading

Excitement by Agent 44
May 20, 2008, 11:54 am
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Agent 44 here checking back in with some new updates.  There are some exciting VS. events in the near future and I must say that I’m pretty stoked. First up:  Hobby League.

Our super flavor format seems to be a pretty awesome idea since our local big time venue Edgeworld is running something similar on Friday.  This should give the Realm crew some time to fine tune our decks.  As of right now I’ve constructed two decks that are legal for both formats and very consistent.  I’m just not sure how powerful they will be.  I’ve found that having a win condition is usually my deck building weakness.  I spend lots of time figuring out the numbers of team-ups and searchers I need for consistency but then I usually end up with a deck that curves perfectly to 6, 7 or 8 but doesn’t really do anything spectacular.  Hopefully this week shall be different. Some practice all day today and we’ll see how I do.  Good luck to all playing both tomorrow and Friday and if by some amazing chance you are reading this and don’t know what VS. is all about then come on down to the Realms Games and Comics tomorrow for a free demonstration and I’ll even give you your first deck for free.  You can’t beat that!  See you soon.

44 out.

Sorry I’m late! by Agent 44
May 16, 2008, 12:31 pm
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Oh…pheewww! Sorry I’m late boss! I swear it won’t happen again…ever…oh man…

Hello. This is Agent 44 reporting in. Sorry it’s taken a little bit of time but I just graduated from the S.H.I.E.L.D. academy so that’s been taking up a little bit of my time. But I’m done now and ready to contribute to the newly created Blog division. So a little bit about me: you already know that I’m a young, perpetually late, recent academy grad but what else…lets see we’re based out of a Brea/Placentia/Fullerton gaming store called the Realms Games and Comics. If you’re in the neighborhood swing by and pick up an issue of Tiny Titans or something to help keep these fine establishments running. Anyways I love comic books and that is a major reason why I LOVE VS! I haven’t been keeping up with the comics lately but I’m trying to get back in the swing of things (much to the dismay of little miss Agent 44 who is getting a little tired of all these money draining hobbies of mine). But anyways about Vs. system. Continue reading