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Another awesome showing from the Realms Crew by Agent 44
May 28, 2008, 1:08 pm
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Hello there. Agent 44 here with another update for anybody out here in cyberspace wanting to hear about a little VS.

So the Realms hosted its weekly hobby league with our very own “super flavor format” this past Wednesday. I had a great time playing with my pet deck which is the Teen Titans TV show deck. The idea is to only use characters that have appeared in the cartoon and to this extent I have been pretty successful. For both our tournament at the Realms and Edgeworld’s BYOT (Bring Your Own Team) event my character base remained relatively the same. With a curve of Speedy @ 1, Robin/Terra @ 2, Beast Boy/Cyborg @ 3, Terra @ 4, Garth @ 5, Beast Boy @ 6, Starfire @ 7 and Raven @ 8 I was having a lot of fun. The Realms format allowed cards from only two sets so DC Origins and Legends did the trick for me. I was fairly confident in my deck even without the use of the handy dandy First Date but luck was not on my side. I finished out of the money again but at least I had fun playing with my favorite team. Continue reading


History of Comics by digitaljdawg
May 23, 2008, 1:28 pm
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Agent 13 reporting in. I was doing some research on the television insure S.H.I.E.L.D is still being somewhat low key in the new and I came across a very interesting special on the History channels and any comic book fan would be interested in called “Comic Book Superheroes.” Showing a chronicle history and evolution of the superheros. Starting with the first comic book superhero Superman in 1938 and how much a rough start is was for the creation of comic books. The special talked about the struggles the industry had to take on with the government. How Timely Comics became Marvel Comics. How character development was changed to support the readers.

This was a very impressive special and had lot of key speakers and interesting facts about the comic book industry. So flip through the TV guide and look and see when the History channel in playing it again.

Agent 13 signing off.

Excitement by Agent 44
May 20, 2008, 11:54 am
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Agent 44 here checking back in with some new updates.  There are some exciting VS. events in the near future and I must say that I’m pretty stoked. First up:  Hobby League.

Our super flavor format seems to be a pretty awesome idea since our local big time venue Edgeworld is running something similar on Friday.  This should give the Realm crew some time to fine tune our decks.  As of right now I’ve constructed two decks that are legal for both formats and very consistent.  I’m just not sure how powerful they will be.  I’ve found that having a win condition is usually my deck building weakness.  I spend lots of time figuring out the numbers of team-ups and searchers I need for consistency but then I usually end up with a deck that curves perfectly to 6, 7 or 8 but doesn’t really do anything spectacular.  Hopefully this week shall be different. Some practice all day today and we’ll see how I do.  Good luck to all playing both tomorrow and Friday and if by some amazing chance you are reading this and don’t know what VS. is all about then come on down to the Realms Games and Comics tomorrow for a free demonstration and I’ll even give you your first deck for free.  You can’t beat that!  See you soon.

44 out.

Sorry I’m late! by Agent 44
May 16, 2008, 12:31 pm
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Oh…pheewww! Sorry I’m late boss! I swear it won’t happen again…ever…oh man…

Hello. This is Agent 44 reporting in. Sorry it’s taken a little bit of time but I just graduated from the S.H.I.E.L.D. academy so that’s been taking up a little bit of my time. But I’m done now and ready to contribute to the newly created Blog division. So a little bit about me: you already know that I’m a young, perpetually late, recent academy grad but what else…lets see we’re based out of a Brea/Placentia/Fullerton gaming store called the Realms Games and Comics. If you’re in the neighborhood swing by and pick up an issue of Tiny Titans or something to help keep these fine establishments running. Anyways I love comic books and that is a major reason why I LOVE VS! I haven’t been keeping up with the comics lately but I’m trying to get back in the swing of things (much to the dismay of little miss Agent 44 who is getting a little tired of all these money draining hobbies of mine). But anyways about Vs. system. Continue reading

The Fantastic Strange deck by digitaljdawg
May 16, 2008, 11:07 am
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Well here is the deck list I played last week at HL. Feel free to let my know what you think and if you have any imput on the deck improvement.

2 drop

4x Mr.Fantastic- Stringbean

3 drop

4x Thing- Idol o’millions

2x Invisible Woman-First Lady of the The Fantastic Four

4 drop

4x Mr. Fantastic- Critical Thinker

2x Human Torch Nova Blast

5 drop

4x Franklin Richards- Child of Cosmos

2x Thing- Heavy Hitter

6 drop

4x Dr. Strange- Ally of the Four

7 drop

2x Hulk- The Fantastic Hulk

2x Thing- The Ever-Lovin’ Blue-Eyed Thing

8 drop

1x Silver Surfer- Norrin Radd

Plot Twist

4x Burn Rubber, 4x It’s Clobberin’ Time, 4x Reed and Sue, 4x Torch and Thing, 4x Signal Flare, 3x Stretch Out, 3x Savage Beatdown, 2x Family of Four,  1x Mobilize.

The man concept is to beatdown on initiative and stall on off initiative. I abuse Dr. Strange ability with  Mr. Fantastic to cycle through my deck and gain some extra endurance with Franklin. Then on turn 8 I bring out the Surfer who usually makes alot of people mad.

Hobby League Report by digitaljdawg
May 13, 2008, 9:21 pm
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Sorry for late transmission, this is Agent 13 reporting in. Last week at our hobby league  we were running a Modern Age bring your own set. It was a pretty good turn out of about ten players all bringing some tough competition to the table. I have played vs for the past two years only going to a few different vs event  mostly just playing with friends at the kitchen table until this past month where I have joined the Hobby League. Well this week was my chance to shine. I was playing my Mr. Fantastic/Dr Strange Abuse deck that I put together.(Sorry I don’t have complete details on how each round went)

Round 1 The Gotham ladies 1-0

Round 2 Marvel Knights KO Fest 2-0

Round 3 Revenge Squad front row 2-1

Round 4   Birds of prey Concealed (against agent 44) 3-1

Round 5 World’s Finest 3-2

So i ended 4th place I was very stoked I have never placed before it was a career high for me. I will post my deck list tomorrow

Agent 13 signing off.

Reporting for Duty by digitaljdawg
May 5, 2008, 6:21 pm
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Welcome to the Blog Division. The S.H.I.E.L.D have relized there is alot of “chatter” through out the web about the Vs. System, so the S.H.I.E.L.D. has created a new branch in the organization “The Blog Division”. Our goal is to get more involved with in Vs community and share our insights on deck idea, game play, comic book/ movie review and anything else we feel to share to everyone. Currently we have two agents reporting on this blog myself Agent 13 and my counter part Agent 44. Continue reading